Featured in PR News Dec 19, 2014

Today, executives are challenged to forsake corporate norms and adapt quickly to evolving business expectations from both employees and consumers. As the nature of business transforms from the inside-out, new workplace disruptions are inevitable. To help organizations navigate these challenges and embrace change, CEB (formerly Corporate Executive Board) used a campaign microsite titled, “2014 Insights for the World’s Leading Executives” to educate c-suite decision makers across all functions of an enterprise.

High-value content such as white papers and infographics receive only a fraction of the attention – and therefore make only a fraction of the impact – that could possibly be accomplished when they remain stagnant on owned channels such as a company website and social media channels. Instead of promoting their services, CEB is promoting their thought leadership in the context of new challenges that executives in various departmental functions can expect in the coming year. Additionally, this micro-site can be utilized as a high-value pitching tool for the niche and trade publications that cover individual business sectors.


Here are some of the content marketing lessons to make note of:

  • A clear, concise headline stating the purpose of this content gives the reader an incentive to click
  • The content is main focus. The full press release is hyperlinked and made available to the media in a PDF, but only an abstract is used in the microsite to provide context for the rest of the available content.
  • Visual content including videos and infographics provide an interactive element that simplifies complex information into a concise format and is easily shareable.
  • Clear calls-to-action that drive traffic directly back to the company website.

By being minimally self-promotional and distributing content of value, CEB is helping business leaders effectively manage upcoming challenges while establishing themselves as a reliable source for business consultation. Congrats on a fantastic campaign!