Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Meet the SocialSuite Experts

Passionate, business savvy, and extremely connected.

The SocialSuite team is a group of passionate, business savvy, and extremely connected public relations professionals with a proven track record for providing clients with top-tier results. We immerse ourselves in the latest trends in marketing and media with a keen eye for strategic placements and partnerships. SocialSuite understands the relationship between obtaining press, building brand awareness, developing customer loyalty and increasing revenues.

We are a boutique firm achieving big agency results for clients. We believe in creating true partnerships with our clients by learning their business inside and out and collaborating to create meaningful brands and marketing programs that resonate with customers. We serve as an extension of our clients’ internal sales and marketing teams.

SocialSuite has a wealth of experience working with clients in the following industries:

  • Fashion /Lifestyle
  • Tech / Telecom
  • Travel / Hospitality
  • Professional services
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit
  • Finance / Oil & Gas