Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Harnessing the power of public relations.
SocialSuite PR harnesses the power of publicity to build excitement and build value for the brands we serve. The ultimate goal is generating significant “ink and airtime” in the nation’s top traditional media outlets and driving conversation through social & digital media outlets has become an agency distinction.

Staying current with changes in the industry is a must in order to get noticed with your target markets. At SocialSuite, we believe in the importance of working closely with reporters to track trends, offer clients as resources and contributors and identify and respond to new opportunities our clients can take advantage of.Everyone at the firm focuses on securing placements—not just for the specific clients they work with, but for all our clients. Led by our media, entertainment and social & digital media departments, we develop and maintain strong relationships with the media outlets and journalists that your consumers trust most. Our team of experts produce public relations campaigns that are based on sound strategy, research supported facts, and competitive market knowledge.