Crisis Communications

Protecting your brand is part of our job.

A crisis is most always unexpected and requires a case-by-case assessment in order to determine the best approach to dealing with it. SocialSuite is here to help your company prepare for and deal with media crisis situations that may occur.
SocialSuite works with clients to ensure a solid plan is in place to protect their brand. Whether we act as a spokesperson or assist behind the scenes, we always use persistent, tactful and timely messaging to ensure the situation is diffused and that our clients’ reputation remains intact. Should a precarious situation arise, the savvy and experienced SocialSuite Public Relations team thoughtfully guides clients through the process every step of the way.
A crisis communications plan outlines the policies, procedures, and tips related to situations that may threaten the integrity or reputation of a company. The goal is to have a plan to avert any situation that may bring adverse or negative customer or media attention. It can also be a situation where, in the eyes of the media or general public, your company did not react to a situations in the appropriate manner. With social media and the digital world evolving and becoming more of the communications norm, controlling online crisis situations for brands is more common than you think. If handled correctly, brand damage can be minimized.