Monday, Jun 17, 2019

How to create newsworthy story angles

How to get maximum exposure for your news is the question. It all starts with creating unique ways to present the facts about your company and attract attention.

Creating Newsworthy Angles

  • Current Events: Look for positive ways to relate your company to topics that are making news headlines.
  • Event Timing: If you’re publicizing a special event, be sure to submit your releases in plenty of time to be indexed by search engines well in advance of the big day.
  • Fresh: Look for a new way to present the information you’re promoting.
  • Impact: Focus on how the information will impact readers, rather than just on the basic facts.
  • Innovation: What can you share that has not been done before?
  • Prominence: Can you get a quote from a celebrity or someone who is recognized as an authority in a related field?
  • Relevance: Clearly convey why readers should be interested in the information in the news release.
  • Seasonality: Look for news angles that tie into current or upcoming seasonal activities and events.
  • Time Sensitivity: Is time running out for people to act?
  • Unusual: What about the information you want to share is out of the ordinary


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